I hope you’ll be doing it again next year…

Thanks again to you and the other Gardeners for such a splendid evening at
the Cotillion, and thanks also for your graciousness in letting us run
overtime a few minutes. I’ve never seen a roomful of barefoot people dance
with such vigor [since their socks were knocked off by the music :) ].

People are still talking about what a swell party this was.

I hope you’ll be doing it again next year.
(Princeton Cotillion)

It was a pleasure to hear you and meet you…

Hey Laura,

It was a pleasure to hear you and meet you. YOU guys rocked at the Old Main Hall Saturday night. Never know what might happen on a Full Moon. LOL Did you see the whole dance floor almost stop in the middle of the dance when you guys started playing ‘MY GIRL’ & ‘Smoke On The Water’ ? Anyway, I got to tell you sweet woman you have great chops….Is it possible for me to send Betty’s CD to you in Va.?

Love & Light Warren

I LOVED your music…

Hi Laura,

I just got home from your concert in Leesburg, Va., where I live. I LOVED your music. My first question is, do you have written sheet music for any of your own music? I’m an amateur violin/fiddle player, and am constantly exploring new music. The second question pertains to your doing music programs at libraries and schools. I work for the Rust Library in Leesburg, and we do programs like yours.

You gave me some ideas tonight. From reading your bio, it sounds like we share the same passion for all kinds of music.

Anyway, you were great – my friends and I really enjoyed your music, and thanks.


Your newest fan

Last fall I bought Stonger Than Dirt at a Sunday waltz at The Crystal (Spanish) Ballroom at G E Park because it had It’s Never Too Late on it.(At the break I told you how much I had enjoyed it – you had played it – even though I hadn’t caught all the words. And I’d played the album a couple of times since, but really hadn’t listened closely – or read the liner notes. I was at the waltz two weeks ago when you and maybe the whole band played, but I didn’t notice the name of the band at the entry table ($) and didn’t connect your voice until you played It’s Never Too Late! Today I was at home in the rain (I’m a landscape gardener) and put the cd on as background to do some paper work. Within the first two measures, I started to dance and then got all choked up by the beauty of the sound. I never sat down to my desk but after a couple of more songs picked up the case and found the “liner” notes. By then it was on Caitlin’s Room and was tearing up again – even before reading anything. Then I read the poem about Rock and Rollin’ and really fell apart. Of course there’s much more going on in my/world situation that was part of this somehow, but so what! So then I read the rest of the liner notes and discovered you guys wrote all these songs – and God they’re even greater knowing that. So I’m sorry I didn’t say hello last Sunday (that was you wasn’t it?). Please let me know when you’re coming back. I’ll even go to the contra dance.

Your newest fan, Paul Crumrine