CD – No Gravity


The CD, No Gravity, was a year in the making with friends on both coasts, and quite an adventure for me. This was my first solo effort and my first unveiling of my songwriting and tune writing efforts. There is quite a variety of tunes on the CD, including jigs and reels, waltzes, gospel, swing and salsa! Most are originals with some twisty treatments of traditional tunes or friends’ compositions, but all the music comes from my many years playing traditional roots and dance music, and each tune or song is a story from my life. Click here to listen to previews from the CD.

I had lots of help! The CD features my friends and wonderful musicians Anthony Blea, Marco Obregon, Javier Navarrette, Saul Alonso (Charonson), Freyda Epstein, Ralph Gordon, Piper Heisig, Christen Hubbard, Paul Kotapish, Peter Langston, Grey Larsen, Paddy League, John Light, Lisa Light, the Mando Mafia: Kelly Perdue, Pete Marshall, Rick Friend and Vaughan Mairs, Gabe Mann, Dan Rublee, Alan Senauke, Jeff Spero, Daniel Steinberg and Dave Wiesler. It was recorded on both coasts and co-produced with my dear friend, Bill Dudley, of Tampa, Fla.

I hope you enjoy it! And look out for upcoming albums with Dave Wiesler and Dan Sebring, original songs and tunes written or co-written by all three of us, and another solo album of mine, “Love songs for friends and family”.

“Fiddler, Singer, composer… Laura Light is not just one of these, but all of them. She has a lot of loves and plays/sings/writes about them in this heartfelt and fun album. Surrounded by a talented group of musicians, she takes us from Quebec to Cuba, from the age of millwheels into the new Millennium, all the while betraying the love of tradition that I particularly love in composers.”
Praise for “No Gravity”
— singer, songwriter John McCutcheon

CD – Stronger Than Dirt


All original tunes and songs. Homegrown, funky and hot!

“People are going to LOVE this CD!”
– Charlie Pilzer, grammy award winning mastering engineer at Airshow studios.

This highly original, organic collection of fiddle tunes, soulful songs and hot swing is sure to plant seeds of joy for every Avant Gardener fan. Laura’s sweet vocals and heartfelt songs, Dave’s masterful piano work and compositions, and Dan’s hot swing guitar licks and whimsical tunes weave a tapestry that covers a lot of musical territory. The response has been overwhelmingly thumbs up!

Comment from dance organizer in Springfield, MO

There were a lot of comments by people packing up to head home, by people milling around while we were taking down, comments by our own committee and club members, and my wife overhearing ladies in the Lady’s room changing to more comfortably head home – that musically, this was probably one of, if not the, best events they had attended in a couple of years. I would certainly agree. Your two dueling fiddles made for a very different and pleasing sound. Along with the piano and percussion, the combination created a very motivating beat that was easy to follow even on the musically soft and slow pieces. Thank you ever so much for a wonder musical experience. My grandson said that your schedule in southern Florida next spring will be high on his list and will spread the word among his friends that this will be the place to be that day. -Larry Krudwig

Goats in the Garden!

We are happy to announce that the cd is on it’s way to reproduction and that we should have it for sale by our December California tour and for Christmas. You may pre-order on the website or from us directly and we’ll get it to you for the holidays. The new album features some hot dance tunes, hot swing, sultry jigs and soulful ballads, Avant Gardener style!