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CD – Katchemak Bay Waltz


Twelve romantic, jazzy, original waltzes for your dancing and listening pleasure!

Laura Light, George Paul and friends

Laura Light and George Paul met in April of 2002 on what might be called a musical blind date. Laura travelled to Alaska to play for some dances and George was tagged to be her accompanist. The musical connection was immediate as they played their way from Anchorage to Homer. Then, after a successful tour capped by a boat trip across Kachemak Bay, Laura went back to Virginia and her life as a touring fiddler. A year of very long distance courtship ensued, followed by a wedding in March 2003. Now in the spring of 2004 – the first offspring! Kachemak Bay Waltz is a collection of waltzes written and performed by George and Laura with friends and sometimes fellow Avant Gardeners Bill Dudley and Roger Gold on guitar, Ralph Gordon on bass and cello, Dan Sebring on guitar, mandolin and twin fiddle, and special guests Mary Gordon hall on vocals and Paul Brier on trumpet.

The compositions are touched by traditional folk, jazz and classical influences as well as by their love for the road – the music, the dancers, their friends and family. It is truly a family album.

Thanks to Bill Dudley, head honcho engineer and co-producer, Paul Brier, save the day engineer and trumpeteer, Paula Bishop, artiste on the computer and chocolate goddess and of course to our families, our friends and all the beautiful dancers.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Freyda Epstein.