New CD – Moonshine Lime & Sugar


Hope you all will enjoy the new cd!  It features a wide variety of music from classic Avant Gardeners contra magic to Laura’s prize winning song – Moonshine, Lime and Sugar, swing, country, Cajun and more!  Musicians include Avant Gardeners: Laura Light, Dave Bartley, Ralph Gordon, Bert Carlson, George Paul and Roger Gold, plus guest artists – Zydeco Ya Ya, Trent Van Blaricom, Jeff Romano, Leo Grassl and Ben Schreiber.  Many thanks to all my kickstarter supporters, to Doug Plummer for a beautiful photo, and to Jeff Romano and Charlie Pilzer for mixing and mastering!  So far, I’ve been hearing wonderful support for my efforts and I thank you all!

“OMG, folks! Laura has outdone herself! If you haven’t heard her CD yet, walk thru fire if you have to to get it! There’s something for everyone here. I just got it today so am on my first listen, but so far my favorites are: Wild Geese (Laura’s tribute to her mom), Paddy/Ben, Autumn Leaves  and the hauntingly beautiful New Moon at Mt Airy waltz. Thank you for sharing your music with us!

-Judi Brown (The Gillie Weasels)

 Well this is my first EVAH Laura CD.. extremely well done and an excellent mix of genres as well. Gonna ask her to autograph my copy come OBB down here in Daytona next January. Then I ca say “I knew her when (and have the proof to back it up)! Said it before but worth repeating – Hell of a job, Laura!

-Steve Chesson, Florida dance organizer, songwriter and guitarist.

“Again, brought to tears by Laura Light’s music. No, it’s a good thing. XXXX”

Elizabeth Todd, dance organizer and musician, Monterey, Ca.


2 Moonshine, Lime and Sugar – new songs by Laura Light!

flowerimageHi! If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably danced to my music over the years at a local contra dance or festival. You’ll know that i’m both a traditional fiddle player as well as modern tune composer, and that i’m a tireless dance fiddler! You may or may not know that I also play swing, country, gospel and blues as well as traditional folk. You also may have heard some of my original songs and tunes on past albums with the Avant Gardeners band and my own previous solo recordings, such as No Gravity. Having just moved to Asheville, NC, and passed through unexpected life changes, I find that my songwriting has sprouted new wings and I’m so excited to be in the studio recording them with my favorite musical partners, the hyper talented guitarist, Bert Carlson, world class percussionist Loren Oppenheimer, and everyone’s favorite bass player, Ralph Gordon, with guest appearances by Dave Bartley on mando and guitar and George Paul on keys…

The new album is out!  Please check it out under recordings!


0 New Waltz CD

The BACDS has just released the newest Waltz album from camp featuring many of George’s new waltzes, entitled “Chocolates before Breakfast.”  This is the best camp recording yet, featuring the Avant Gardeners, Ryan McCasson, Eden Macadam-Somers, Larry Ungar and many other fine musicians.  Included with the CD is sheet music for all the waltzes, all new and previously unrecorded.  You can order the cds from us or from BACDS. Proceeds go to help young musicians with scholarships to camp.  American week camp will be held in LaHonda, CA this summer from June 29 – July 4.  Hope you can come!

CD – Tulip Bandits


The Avant Gardeners new cd, The new album features, Laura on fiddle, Dave Wiesler on piano, guitar and mandolin, George Paul on piano and accordion, Roger Gold on guitar, Stuart Kenney on bass and banjo and Scottie Williams on percussion, with guest artist, Bobby Read. The tunes are mostly original with a few traditional tunes done up in the inimitable Avant Gardeners style. Also featured are a tribute to Ray Charles, soulful singing by Laura, and some definate contra madness with tastes of latin, rock, blues, Irish, Cajun and old time.

CD – Goats in the Garden


The newest Avant Gardener cd is a classic Gardener mix of original melodies, rockin’ dance music, swing and soulful ballads and waltzes. The clan gathered last summer and put down some earthy tracks right at home on the Decca farm (see the Bill Dudley video!). Dave Wiesler, Dan Sebring, and Jubal Creech joined Laura and George at home for what amounted to a mini festival, and this cd was born. Special guests Ralph Gordon on bass, Andrew Marcus on accordion and Jeff Romano on guitar added some spice on a few tunes, and the Gardeners are proud to present their newest harvest, Goats in the Garden.